Ancient Hotspot

Pluto 1

  • The Pluto property is one of the largest in the portfolio, being some 35km x 25km in size.
  • Property has completed early stage exploration, including soils, mapping and geophysics.
  • Airborne geophysics identified property-scale arcuate features in the northeastern portion of the property, aligning with volcanic units in the field. Could these be ring dykes?
  • There is a greater theory of the existence of the ‘Carmacks Caldera’, a crater formed as the North American plate drifted over the Yellowstone hotspot.
  • Mineralisation associated with skarn layers that appear to be passing through the topography.
  • Drill ready to test extent of skarn under the hilltops.

Pluto 2

  • A total of 15,908 soils samples were collected over the property, with the strongest anomaly in the northeast corner.
  • The anomalies are roughly aligned with topography, in bands associating with carbonate skarn geology in the field.
  • The highest grade soil sample from the entire Ryan Gold program was collected here, at 15.43 g/t Au. Grab samples from the same area included 7.11 g/t Au.
  • In total, five anomalous zones have been identified, covering an area of 41 km2.
  • Neighbouring properties with similar geology includes Klaza (Rockhaven Resources – 45km to northeast)
  • inferred mineral resource estimate including 9.5Mt grading 4.48g/t Au, 89.02g/t Ag, 0.75% Pb and 0.95% Zn in a carbonate skarn system.

20170817 PlutoGrabs AR


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